New track, livestreams from Radiohead side project The Smile

After a live debut and more recently a surprise webcast rehearsal, The Smile is readying some official and/or scheduled stuff for this month in advance of its full-length studio debut. The band comprises Thom Yorke, Jonny Greenwood, and Tom Skinner of Sons Of Kimet (note to self: check them out, descriptions sound interesting).

This morning, the trio debuted a video for “You Will Never Work In Television Again” with appropriately clever approach to a lyric video. Running under three minutes, the track brings a kinetic energy that critics of Radiohead’s later sound may appreciate, and the lyric itself reveals that Thom Yorke is still fairly pissed at some people about some things.

Check it out for yourself telepromptly:

Coming To A Screen Near You

In addition, The Smile has scheduled three livestream shows — each played to a small live audience — within a 24-hour timeframe at the end of January. The idea is to reach different parts of the world at convenient times, not charge too much (under $20 in the U.S.) and presumably carry out a between-show schedule of smartly paced caffeine and catnaps.

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